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“Practically designed, top-notch, and functional school attire”​

Give the finest experience for your children

As a top-tier manufacturer of school uniforms, we're committed to providing uniforms that are both distinctive and comfortable. We consider school uniforms to be an integral part of a student's time at school, so we work hard to make them a positive experience for everyone involved.

Why choose DutyWear?

Duty Wear's expertise in the market stems from the superior fabric quality and attention to detail that we put into producing school and university uniforms. Duty Wear is a well-known, respected label that has thrived and expanded for a respectable amount of time in this industry.

Color code

Customize school uniforms to your institution's identity in terms of theme, colour scheme, and logo.


The most important thing is for students to feel comfortable, tol encourage them to stay in class for hours. ​

Fabric Quality

Choosing high-quality textiles keeps students safe, comfortable, and parents satisfied. ​

Wear a Badge of Pride Custom-made Uniform

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Smart and comfortable, our shirts are designed to keep students looking their best throughout the school day.

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Skorts, Trousers & sweaters

Versatile and durable, our skorts, trousers, and sweaters are the perfect blend of style and functionality for active students.

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Classic in design, our pinafores offer a neat and tidy appearance, ensuring students are dressed for success.

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Elevate school pride with our sharp blazers, tailored for a perfect fit that empowers students to excel.


Casual yet smart, our hoodies provide comfort and warmth, ideal for school activities or a laid-back look.

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PE Uniform

Designed for performance and movement, our PE uniforms keep students ready for action and physical education classes.

Frequently Asked Questions !!

Duty Wear Qatar offers a diverse range of school uniforms, including Shirts, Skorts, Trousers, sweaters, Pinafore, Blazers, Hoodies, PE uniforms, and accessories tailored to meet the specific requirements of educational institutions.
Yes, we cater to both public and private schools, ensuring that our uniforms reflect the unique identity and guidelines of each institution.
Absolutely, we offer customization options to incorporate school colors, logos, and any other specific branding elements onto the uniforms.
Placing an order is simple. Schools can contact our dedicated sales team by phone, email, or our website. We will guide you through the process and assist with uniform selection.
We use high-quality fabrics that ensure comfort and durability, and we offer a range of fabric options suitable for different climates and preferences.
Yes, we have the capacity to fulfill bulk orders for school uniforms, ensuring timely delivery to meet the start of the academic year.
We maintain stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process and adhere to safety standards to ensure that our uniforms are safe for students.
Certainly, we provide eco-friendly fabric choices for school uniforms, aligning with environmental considerations and comfort for students.
Yes, we can collaborate with schools to design uniforms that reflect their individual identity while maintaining professionalism and comfort.
Lead times vary based on order size and customization requirements. Our team is dedicated to efficient production and timely delivery without compromising quality.