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“In a busy customer-facing setting, hospitality uniforms get a workout focusing more on brand creation”

Importance of hospitality workwear

The uniforms your employees wear while working for you need to be durable and reliable. Whether you own a cafe, a restaurant, or a venue for special events, you'll find what you need in our hospitality collection. Everything is purposeful and made to serve the needs of the chefs, waiters, and kitchen and service workers. ​

Investment in your brand, your team, and your venue

In a country that adores fine dining, café culture, and coffee, venues are striving to distinguish themselves apart with a studied interior style, the finest cuisine & drinks, and on-trend staff.


Style is important, but functionality is the key


Employee morale is boosted when they feel good about themselves in their uniform.


Your uniform should reflect the same feeling of modern, on-trend design that your location portrays.

Uniformity Is The Key To Success

chef coats

Chef Coats

Crafted for culinary professionals, our chef coats blend elegance and functionality, providing both style and comfort in the kitchen.


Apron, Caps

Keep your outfit spotless and stylish with our durable aprons and caps, designed for the rigorous demands of the culinary industry.

chef trousers

Chef Trousers

Designed for chefs on the move, our chef trousers offer comfort and flexibility, allowing you to perform at your best in the heat of the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions !!

Duty Wear Qatar specializes in a wide range of hospitality uniforms, including uniforms for front-of-house staff, housekeeping, chefs, servers, and more.
Absolutely, we offer customization options to ensure that our hospitality uniforms align with the unique branding and style preferences of each establishment.
Businesses can contact our dedicated sales team via phone, email, or our website to initiate the order process. We'll guide you through selecting the best uniforms for your needs.
Our uniforms are crafted from high-quality, comfortable fabrics that are suitable for the demands of the hospitality industry.
Yes, we have the capacity to handle bulk orders for hospitality uniforms, ensuring that hotels and restaurants have the necessary uniforms for their staff.
We maintain strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that our hospitality uniforms meet industry standards and withstand the demands of the sector.
Certainly, we offer eco-friendly fabric choices for hospitality uniforms, considering environmental sustainability while maintaining comfort and style.
Yes, we can collaborate with businesses to design hospitality uniforms that reflect their brand identity while ensuring a polished and professional appearance.
Lead times vary depending on order size and customization requirements. Our team is dedicated to efficient production and timely delivery without compromising quality.
Absolutely, we can provide samples for businesses to assess the fabric, design, and quality before committing to a bulk order. Just let us know your requirements, and we'll be happy to assist.