About Duty Wear

The Leading Uniform Supplier & Manufacturer in Qatar

Dutywear is distinguished for its quality workmanship and service that has been built around a relationship-based model with its clients. We aim to deliver on our quality pledge and to provide an inspired client experience throughout all client interactions.


we create partnerships with our clients that add value, focusing on high quality garments that are socially responsible and ethically sourced where possible.


Duty Wear is a “MAKE IN QATAR” initiative to boost nations self sufficiency and reliance in our respective industry.


Get Professional Advice 

Expert advice to make a lasting impression with a smart and professional duty wear


Trusted Best Professionals

Designed to address the needs of a wide range of experts working in both hard and soft services.

Our Flowless Process

Through our immaculate process, we help unleash the right business value by ensuring proper branding, prompt delivery, and exceptional service.

Analyzing Customer Requirement

Sample Development

Client Approval

Bulk Production